DIY Tremolo Guitar Pedal



This DIY tremolo guitar pedal comes with all of the components needed to put together your very own tremolo pedal. Simply solder the components to the corresponding numbers on the printed circuit board (PCB). This kit also comes with detailed instructions on how to put everything together which you can find below.


This pedal requires a bit more wiring than our other guitar pedals however is still pretty simple to complete if you follow all of the instructions.


Don’t forget to get yourself a soldering iron and some solder (at a bare minimum). This 16-in-1 piece soldering kit is a great option to get as a beginner pedal builder.


DIY Tremolo Guitar Pedal Kits Build Instructions


Knobs: Volume, Depth, Speed


True Bypass: Yes

Available on backorder


Additional information


1x 1590B box, pre-drilled to accommodate 3 knobs, 1 footswitch, 1 LED light, 2 I/O jacks, and 1 DC jack




1x 47R, 1x 1.2K, 1x 2.2K (included on PCB), 1x 82K, 2x 12K, 2x 15K, 1x 180R, 2x 560K, 1x 1M, 1x 2.2M


3x 1uF (105), 2x 0.47uF(474), 1x 0.22uF (224)

Electrolytic Capacitor

1x 22uF


2x 2N3904, 1x K30A


2x B20k, 1x B504




1x 3mm LED, 1x DC jack, 2x 6.35mm I/O jacks, 1x 9V battery snap, 3x knobs, 1x 3PDT footswitch, 4x floor pads, 4x enclosure screws


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